Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There's Something in the Way That You're Talking

After much consideration, I've decided to post the video of my In The Flesh reading from October 16. I was originally reluctant to do it, as I hate hearing and seeing myself on camera. But, after getting some very nice reactions and feedback from people, I've decided to go ahead and do it. So, please to enjoy my reading of This Just In. If you are interested, also please check out Donna and Emerald from the same reading. They were absolutely fantastic.


Neve Black said...

I'm so glad you did this!

You were outstanding, Heidi! :-)

Emerald said...

Yay! I'm so glad you decided to post it! :) What a great night...I so enjoyed meeting you (and your husband). :) I understand the self-consciousness, so again, I want to congratulate you for both doing the reading itself (lovely!!) and for re-posting it here!

I hope your mom is recovering and healing beautifully.


Heidi Champa said...

Thanks Neve, and Emerald. I appreciate all the lovely compliments. It was such a good time, I'm glad I decided to post it.

My mom is doing great. Thanks for asking, Emerald.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hear, hear! The world needs you and your sizzling, sexy video, O great Heidi.

[Hey, is there a cat in here? Oh, never mind ... it was just my spamword: myardowe.]