Thursday, December 11, 2008

Short Skirts, Long Hair, My Hormones Flying Everywhere

My one and only works at our Alma Mater. His job comes with many perks, mostly for him. Nice office, travel and a good schedule. He's gotten to trek to Seattle, Chicago, Nashville and other fabulous places all for the good of the cause. But, there is one perk that I get to enjoy. Or rather, am considering enjoying.

As his lucky spouse, I get to attend college for free. That's right, even though I already possess a most useful B.A., I can matriculate yet again for the purposes of higher(er) learning. You may be asking yourself, what is there to think about? Go forth, and study!!

But, I'm a little torn. You see, as an 18-21 year old student, there was only one thing we hated more than the cafeteria food. It was the non-traditional student. You know the one. . .in the front of the room, asking the most annoying questions seconds before class ended. Regaling everyone with stories about their children, jobs, pets, etc. I don't know if I could stand to be that person. Even a little bit.

But, can I really turn down the opportunity to hone my skills, learn some new things and do it all for nothing but the hell of it? I think the answer is no. Because, I know how much this chance would mean to other people, my husband included. So, I guess I need to dust of my plaid skirts and pencil cases. It's homework time.


kathrynoh said...

OMG we have them here too - and they ask the convoluted questions about the most mundane things!

But you can be the hot older woman that they all crush on.

Neve Black said...

I think this is awesome news.

I agree with Kathrynoh above. Be the hot, not too older woman that all the guys and dolls have it bad for -

Think about the new stories you can create from this experience?

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks ladies. I'll have to warn campus security that there is a cougar on the loose. Although, I'm not sure I'm old enough to be a cougar.

Ah, too old to be a student, too young to be a cougar. Tough spot!!