Monday, November 3, 2008

But, Whether Winning's Glorified, Idecide

I'm not going to give you an empassioned speech. I'm just going to tell you what you already know. VOTE!!! Whether your state is a swing state (not as awesome as it should be) like mine or not, VOTE!! Whatever your politics, VOTE!!! Blue, red, purple or somewhere inbetween, VOTE!!!!

In case you need some inspiration, I wrote a little something that might make voting sound more appealing. I hope you like it. Oh, and one more thing.


*The Right Choice*

"Get out!! You’re not supposed to be in here. I’m trying to vote."
"If you keep quiet no one will know I’m in here. Make sure to read all those props thoroughly. Wouldn’t want to rush into voting before you’re ready."

As he spoke, his hand slid into my panties. I tried to focus on all the levers in front of me. My eyes wouldn’t read the words. My brain was too busy focusing on his fingers pushing inside me. I bit my lip to keep from moaning. I could just see the little old ladies out front catching us and throwing us out in front of all the people in line. I had to vote before we got caught. I wanted it to count.

"I have to finish. I don’t want to keep all those people waiting."
"I’m already done. See? I have my sticker. I got you one too."

I pushed the levers, double checking each one before I pressed and locked it in place. He kept pushing his fingers into my pussy as I made my choices. As the last lever clicked into place, his thumb passed slowly over my clit.

He pressed the "I Voted" sticker just above my right breast. Kissing me quickly, he left the booth first while I composed myself. We walked out hand in hand, rushing past the strange looks from the waiting voters.

"Let’s go home and watch the results. I have a good feeling about tonight."
"Me too."

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Neve Black said...

I couldn't concur with you more.

Nice post.