Monday, November 17, 2008

But I Turn Him On, And He Comes to Life

Another week, another Man Candy Monday. I went for two today because I felt like I needed a little extra after the weekend. Things are finally caught up, the deadlines met. But, now a new set has begun. Plus, I'm heading home to spend the week with my mother after her knee surgery. So, if you wouldn't mind sending out some good vibes for her speedy recovery, I'd really appreciate it.
I'm busy, busy. But, I like it. I'm still going to try and get my NaNo novel done, nothing like 50,000 words in less than two weeks. Because a month sounded like too much time. ;)

Have a good week everyone, I'll try and check it but it might be tough.


Neve Black said...

Hi Heidi!
Love the double your pleasure, double exposure, and I'll take two to go, Man Candy Monday, grrrrwl!

Many, many good speedy recovery and healthy vibes going out to your mom -

Congratulations on getting through those deadlines. :-)

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks Neve. It is much appreciated.