Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Mistake My Dirty Mind For Lust

Is it wrong that I've waited all week for Man Candy Monday? Because I have. And, boy have I found him. His name is David Williams. He is an Australian Rugby player who plays for the champion Manly (no, I'm not kidding) Sea Eagles. They call him "The Wolfman". He's perfect, don't you think? But if you look closely at those perfect abs, you'll see an even more perfect scar.

Mr. Williams was my inspiration for writing a story for Alison Tyler's latest contest. Conveniently enough, it was all about sexy. So, it was the perfect fit. Turns out, I won the contest. I guess I owe David some thanks. And, I would be glad to thank him, just as soon as I get the chance.

So, enjoy the man candy. And, my story, titled "This One, That One."

*This One, That One

"So, what about this one?"
"Fist fight, tenth grade."

I ran my finger over the white line of flesh above his eye, tracing its fault line path to his cheek. It was then that I noticed another, right by his mouth.
"And, that one?"
"Little league."

The small, jagged line curved up to the tip of his lip, and I ran my finger over the edge. The little defect made his smile even more sexy. He laid next to me, his bare chest rose and fell as I ran my fingers over his skin. There was another one; low on his stomach, on the right side. It looked more recent, still slightly pink with visible stitch marks. When I touched it, he recoiled. I had found a ticklish spot.

"Yup. Last year."

I kept going lower, my eyes and hands continuing their mission. His legs didn’t seem to offer anything, until I pushed his thighs apart. Then I saw the thick, raised rope of skin for the first time. This latest imperfection was the sexiest of all.
"What happened there?"
"Soccer cleat. I was in college."

I smoothed my finger over it, as if I could fix it with my touch. Leaning forward, I kissed the dimpled mark. It ended just above the line of his boxers. My fingers kept going up, until I felt his cock jump at my touch. He finally met my eyes.
"No scars there, I’ve been careful."
"I just wanted to be sure."


Neve Black said...

Love your man-candy Mondays, Heidi.

Congratulations on yet another AT contest win! Yah!

kristina lloyd said...

I love your flash!

I saw you were in the lead yesterday (you got my vote) and I went hunting for someone beautiful and scarred for Man Candy Monday over on Erotica Cover Watch. However, I failed and settled for mere beauty instead. (Ah, it's a hard life.) So glad you found one. It's lovely.

Heidi Champa said...

Neve--I love them too. Such a great way to start the week.

Kristina--Thanks!! And, thanks for the vote. David is lovely, isn't he?

Janine Ashbless said...

Lovely flash Heidi!