Friday, September 19, 2008

Lids Down, I Count Sheep, I Count Heartbeats

Between a bout of illness, working and my usual late night routine, my sleep schedule has been totally crazy. A sore throat and running nose kept me up feeling miserable early in the week. Then, even when I managed to start feeling better, coughing and sneezing fits would hit me just before I settled to sleep. My body has turned fickle in my (new) old age. I didn't get to sleep before 4am all week.

I thought I was better, I thought I was over it. I wasn't. Last night, my leg started to hurt. My feet were cold. A killer line to a story would go strolling by, and need to be written down. Had to get up twice to take medicine. Rolling over to look at the clock, 3:53AM staring back at me. And, I was getting up early to watch Footy. I have to get up early tomorrow for Yard Sale 2: Buy My Crap, Please!!

So, yesterday, I had to do something I love to do, but don't do nearly enough . . .nap. (What did you think I was going to say, dirty birds?) Yesterday afternoon, with the dimming sun streaming through the shades, I napped. It was a glorious lie-in; a beautiful, snuggly two hours well spent. I'm going to do it again today, as soon as I get this finished. I can only hope that today's nap lives up to yesterday's high standards.

So, I'm off to Snoozy-Town, with a full belly and a happy head. Wish me luck selling more crap tomorrow. Have a great weekend, all!!

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Neve Black said...

Happy belated Birthday Heidi!

Get to feeling better. That sucks.

I'm sending you SOLD OUT prosperous thoughts for tomorrow's yard sale.