Monday, September 22, 2008

I Sign I Sign I Sign Anonymous

Recently, Alison Tyler had a contest on her blog to post an anonymous story of about 250 words based on a post-it (pictured here) from the fabulous Naked Chicks on Post-Its. I couldn't resist having a go at this.

And, lucky me, I was voted the winner of the contest, with a staggering 19 out of 69 votes. I figured now that it was all out in the open I would share the story with you as well. Please to Enjoy!!

Untitled (Working title from blog: A Good Boy)

She just laid there, staring at me. My hands were still secured to the bedposts, my cock still hard. But, she just leaned there, gently running her hand up her thigh. I longed to touch her, but I couldn't. This torture had been my idea, but now I was getting fed up with her games. I reached out my foot and touched the curve of her calf, but she pulled away. I sighed and struggled against her favorite silk scarves to no avail. She smiled at me.

“Don’t be so impatient.”
“I’m not impatient, I’m pissed off.”

Her hand reached out for my chest and ran up over my ribs. Her face was once again close, our lips so nearly touching. I lifted my head just in time for her to move away. She smiled as I sank back in defeat. She let her nipples brush over the hair on my chest. I tried to lay still, to be a good sport, but it wasn't exactly my strong suit. Her hand played over my leg, my stomach. Her breath was back tickling my lips, and again I strained to taste her mouth.

This time she took pity on me, letting her lips fall onto mine. She pushed my head back onto the pillow with her kiss. I felt just the tip of her finger graze the head of my cock, but I kept my hips still.

“Are you going to be a good boy this time?”
“Yes. I promise.”

What do you think, should I keep going?


EllaRegina said...

What do you think, should I keep going?

Well, they do say that a picture is worth 1,000 words... ;-)

You're already a quarter of the way there so I say go for it!

Will the Good Boy be untied?!

(And please post the Naked Chick drawing when you get it!)

Neve Black said...

I'll chime in with EllaR's comments.

Just stopping by to say, "Congratulations". Nice job, chica. :-)

Heidi Champa said...

I think I will keep going. Apparently, my brain isn't going to give me a choice.

Craig Sorensen said...

Of course you're going to keep going!

The story is begging to be told!