Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When It's Over, Don't You Hate to Have to Put Your Toys Away

I know I do. But, that is why I keep my toys somewhere special. I got tired of having my toys scattered all over my bedroom, in various drawers and hiding places. So, I found a way to keep them all together, and to have fun with it.

It is a very simple process. I get some photo boxes (or any size that will work for you and your collection) I decorate them with magazine cut-outs, photos, quotes, etc and decoupage them onto the box. After a snazzy coat of shiny spray, they are good to go. I line them with fabric and give my toys a brand new home. Since things are getting a bit crowded, I am in the process of making another box. These are two that currently house some of my finest items.

So, if you are in need of a place to keep your boudoir paraphernalia, get those scissors out and get to it. I do love a good craft project!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Do you ever get so absorbed in reading the boxes that you forget to play with the toys?

(I didn't think so.)

kathrynoh said...

of course, you could always decorate the boxes with pics from porn mags :D

my toys are in my storage space - kinda

Neve Black said... the idea.

Do you ever forget what toy is in what box? I mean...when a girl needs her toys, well, a girl needs her toys (wink-wink). I want to make sure that when I'm in a D battery kind of mood, well, I know right where to go. ;-)

Nice post, Heidi.

princess1128 said...

I totally forgot about those boxes I never did get around to making one. I'd better put a lock on that drawer now. :)

Alison Tyler said...

Love the way these look!


Colorfulpen said...

Heidi, I just recently discovered your blog through Alison's blog and I have to say I love it. Keep writing! Much success to you.

I also love these little toy boxes. Great idea.