Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Enough To Drive You Crazy If You Let It

I saw someone this weekend that I used to work with. We are still friends, but we both agreed that our friendship has really changed now that we don't work together. Mostly, because while we worked together, I was a miserable bitch. I hated my job, and this poor, wonderful girl had to be my boss. I made her life difficult, mostly unintentionally, because of how much I was loathe to be at this job. Now that I am free, and doing what I love, she agrees that the change in me has been dramatic.

It got me thinking about all the things I've done with myself since I started working, oh so many years ago. It took me a long to figure out how to translate what I wanted to do into something I could really do. My fear and uncertainty held me back for so long, it took me a lot of wrongs to find the right. It is an impressive list, as I was something of a dilettante. To quote the fine film Wayne's World, "I've had plenty of joe jobs, nothing I'd call a career. Let's just say, I have an extensive collection of name tags and hairnets." No hairnets for me, but all over the place doesn't begin to cover it. In chronological order:

*Bowling Alley counter girl (family biz)
*Assistant to PR director
*Radio station part timer
*Record Store Clerk (of course)
*Book Store Clerk (duh)
*Community Relations for Minor League Baseball Team
*Assistant to Athletic Director for NCAA Div 1 school
*Apartment Leasing Agent
*Massage Therapist
*Body Piercer/Retail Bitch
*Bank Teller

And, finally. . .a writer. God, it sure took me long enough. So, where did your path lead? Feel like sharing?


Greazy Tony said...

Wow, it's amazing when you spell it all out like that. My list is just as helter skelter:

Paper Route
Pizzeria Cook/Delivery Boy
Factory Worker
Television News Photographer
Television Ad Salesman
Ticket/Advertising Sales for Minor League Baseball team
Credit Card Customer Service Rep
Fraud Investigator
Credit Analyst
Risk Analyst
Investment Specilaist
Bill Collector
High Speed Mail Extractor
Fund Raiser at a College

Anonymous said...

hmm... let's see

* clerking at a newspaper (filing endlessly, with no radio to listen to at a reasonable volume, i might add)
* donut pusher
* convenience store clerk
* video store clerk
* clerk at a country store in the mall
* clerk at a lampshade store in the mall
* hippie-dress seller
* massage therapist
* warehouse worker
* receptionist
* teacher apprentice
* assistant registrar
* secretary

princess1128 said...

Okay, I'll play, because I can't bear doing any real work today...

*Bowling Alley Counter Girl
*Admissions Office Intern
*TV Station Intern
*Board Op at AM Radio Station
*Special Events Assistant at another Radio Station
(while working above job I was a Counter Girl at another Bowling Alley & then a Counter Girl at a Card Store)
*Travel Agent
*Inside Sales for a Manufacturing Company

Neve Black said...

Oh geez, where do I begin...from the beginning? Argh...that list is too long and too boring to count, I'm afraid.

Suffice to say, writing is home. It's sometimes very challenging, but damn does it feel good.

XL said...

Yeah, I've never been much on "carrers" either. Maybe one day I'll know what I want to do when I grow up. My list is as follows:

Paper Boy
Farm Hand
Wal-Mart Employee
AM Radio Board Operator
Production Assistant
Radio Ad Salesman
Ticket/Advertising Sales for Minor League Baseball Team
Credit Card Customer Service Rep
Credit Card Billing Dispute Rep
Billing Dispute Educator/Trainer
Billing Dispute Section Manager
Loan Officer
Marketing Director (Crown Sports)
Inside Sales Rep
Customer Service/Inside Sales
Property Manager
Customer Service Manager
Patient Account Supervisor

Holy Shit that's a lot and the sad thing is I'm sure there will be more.