Thursday, June 19, 2008

If You Can't Change the World, Change Yourself

Staying motivated is tough for me. I'm sure for a lot of other people too. I'm an immediate results kind of girl. And, when time slows down and nothing is happening, I get frustrated. And bored. And then I stop caring. You know the rest.

But, nothing changes until you change it. As hard as it is, I have to keep going. Not just with writing, but everything. There are so many things out there that I want to do, and just because it isn't happening right now, doesn't mean it won't happen at all.

What keeps you going? How do you get past a bad case of the fuck-its?*

*(Thank you for that, Dana Carvey!)

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Craig Sorensen said...

I certainly know that feeling, Heidi.

I used to have a lot of trouble remaining focused, or losing interest or both. I wrestled with and lost to the "fuck it" beast a lot.

For me, it was about prioritizing the things I love to do so I won't scatter so much. Then on the top priorities try to set long term goals to reach after as well as short term.

For writing, I stick to the old cliche of "write every day." If you're not inspired to write, do something that supports it (promotional, research new markets, research for half-baked story ideas, edit stories that haven't sold, whatever.)

I started writing every day, with very rare exception in early 2004. Before that I was an occasional writer.

Whatever you do, try to keep working, even when you don't feel like it. Some of the writing I feel best about came when I didn't feel like writing.

Good luck!