Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Breed, Deep in Me a Beautiful Thing

I love the feeling I get after I send out a story. The sense of completion, the sense of accomplishment, it always gets me. As I stated before, the waiting to hear back from people about my stories isn't always fun, but I love clicking send on my email and watching it get whisked away into cyberspace.

More importantly, I just enjoy writing. Thinking of new ideas, being creative, getting my ideas on paper (well, not so much paper as on screen). In all the jobs I've had, I've never felt like I made much of a difference, or got to challenge myself in any way. Writing, even if nothing comes of it, has made me feel better than almost anything.

In 25 days, I'll be on the other side of the world, still clacking away on my laptop, with new stars in the sky. I can't wait.


kathrynoh said...

I love it too. Plus it clears some mental space to start on something new :D

Heidi Champa said...

That is true. Keeps the stories coming, so to speak. ;)